NON — STANDARD is a design studio founded in collaboration. We partner with brands and individuals, assisting to uncover their core values and, in doing so, deliver contextually driven experiences for their customers. We deliver strategic solutions that remain flexible to changing markets and design systems that share brand visions and values.


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PRESS RMIT UGCD Graduate Showcase

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Open Opportunities for Mid-Weight—Senior Designers

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An Introduction

We accept that design fundamentally encapsulates the process of creative problem-solving and believe this process can be applied to any industry, discipline, or media. By partnering with like-minded clients, we design experiences that are practical yet push the envelope creatively, enabling clients to execute their objectives both strategically and unconventionally. ​ Our process is rooted in transparency. We rely on dialogue and clear communication with clients to drive trust and autonomy. No matter the project scale, we collaborate with our clients as partners. We engage perspectives to un-cover and un-pack problems. This defines the direction of our design strategy. We work first to understand the in-explainable, then execute it through considered design. ​ Our projects are organised, honest, and non-standard.

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